3 Ways to make money in Las Vegas printing custom T-Shirts

Las Vegas has always been a city filled with opportunities.  T-shirt printing is a wonderful opportunity that will only grow over time.  Las Vegas is filled with people from all over the world who come with an intent to purchase.  The custom T-Shirt business is a great way to take advantage of the need for Las Vegas visitors to have memorabilia. Here are 3 ways anyone can make money in Las Vegas printing custom T-Shirts. Good luck on your way to a Custom T-shirt Printing empire!

Buy a T-Shirt Printer

Simple right? Somewhat…let me explain.  Buy a T-Shirt printer, buy some shirts, and print the designs.  Although it sounds simple, you need to find out what printing method best suits you.  Screen, Vinyl, Direct to Garment (DTG), Sublimation, Cad Cut, and Transfer Paper printing are just a few of the many printing methods. Research each one and see what best suits the type of printing you want to do, then learn how!

Hire a Local Custom T-shirt Printing Company

There are literally hundreds of T-Shirt printing companies in Las Vegas.  Take advantage of the competitiveness of the T-Shirt Printing industry in Las Vegas and find a company that will accept a bargain. Which company can print the most amount of shirts for the cheapest price?  Which company has the best quality?  Can you view some of their work?  These questions will help curb overhead costs.

Hire a Company Online

With technology constantly evolving, we can look past our local area.  Print-On-Demand (POD) lets customers order their shirt and the printing/shipping process is handled through the company.  Online corporations like Etsy, Amazon, and Printful, are growing and becoming major players in this niche.  This niche can be used solely or as an addendum to your home or local T-Shirt business.   POD companies help those who may not be able to get a shirt from you physically.  

Las Vegas – the Goldmine

If you have never had a Las Vegas shirt, you may have seen one.  Tourists eager to visit Las Vegas may purchase a shirt with Las Vegas on it in preparation for their trip. Others may visit Las Vegas and buy a few Las Vegas shirts for themselves or family members as gifts.  Some people may want a Las Vegas shirt with pictures or designs. Most visitors may just want a cool T-Shirt in general. There is no limit to the amount of revenue that can be generated by taking part in the T-Shirt Printing business in Las Vegas. If you don’t want to print your own, be sure to find the best screen printing Las Vegas has to offer to fulfill the quality you’re looking for.

Get Noticed

What benefit would it be for a person to own a T-Shirt business and not have exposure?  Get yourself out there!  Get a business or a vendor license and sell T-Shirts on the strip to random people who pass by looking to spend money.  Open up a storefront or a Las Vegas themed online store.  Most importantly, compare, contrast, research, and investigate. Market your business once you have your supply and distribution in place and reap the rewards!